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Musikrückblick 2018© Colourbox

The year in music: 2018

Ich baue Wände voll erzeugter Ängste     

(I build walls of manufactured fears)

(Schorsch Kamerun)

2018 was -again- a difficult year, seen from a political and social point of view. In addition, there were drastic changes in traditional markets such as the physical media formats: Virtually all relevant German music magazines were buried, and And increasingly even new album releases appeared exclusively as streams (though, in a kind of counter motion, often in parallel with the nostalgic vinyl format).

However, the willingness to engage in uncomfortable discussions remains unbroken in the German music scene. Examples are the fruits of the gender discussion in German jazz, raves against the right, or the broad front against anti-Semitism in German hip-hop, which ultimately led to the cancellation of Germany's biggest music prize, the Echo, are just a few examples of a defiant musical culture whose tendency to  taking clear positions was more necessary than ever last year.