Raimund Hoghe - Cartes postales + Si je meurs laissez le balcon ouvert

Raymund Hoghe - Cartes postales © Les Films d'Ici/Arte France

Thu, 04/05/2018

Goethe-Institut Montreal

1626 boul. St-Laurent
Bureau 100
H2X 2T1 Montréal

Dance critic and filmmaker Philip Szporer will give an introduction to the films and Raimund Hoghe’s work.

Cartes postales
Director: Richard Copans, 2005, 26:30 minutes
In German mit French voice over

Rituals: drawing the outlines of houses on the ground with wooden sticks, spreading out squares of coloured paper, rolling up a long strip of cloth. Each tableau is a ritual, with either the positioning of objects or their removal.


Si je meurs laissez le balcon ouvert
Director : Charles Picq, Production 24 images, 2010, 25 :55 minutes
In English with French subtitles

Intended as a homage to Dominique Bagouet, 'Si Je Meurs Laissez le Balcon Ouvert' transcends the challenges of a choreographic quotation and reconstruction to focus on a composition about traces.

The film screenings were programmed on the occasion of the performance of Hoghes pieces Pas de Deux on 10 and 11 April and La Valse on 13 and 14 April (both in Usine C).