Storytelling Mistakes: Stories

Fehler Stories © Tobias Schrank

Thu, 12/03/2020

5:00 PM - 6:00 PM


The 5 à 6 of mistakes

Simply put, a “Fehler” is a mistake, but it’s also the response to one of life’s big questions: how do we innovate and make progress? Our answer: often by mistake. Misunderstandings, faulty processors, or dead flies can unexpectedly lead to something new. Celebrate with us and peruse our zine to immerse yourself in big and little mistakes alike.

The Goethe-Institut and Confabulation, the monthly storytelling event in Montreal and Victoria, jointly organize the first official Fehler-summit, a live streamed festival of mistakes and errors.

Join us for an hour of beautiful, wondrous and exciting stories, all of which have one thing in common - sometimes it just doesn't work out the way it was originally intended. And that can be quite a good thing.
Link to the stream (active from December 3, 4:45 pm) Storytellers include:
  • Christopher Klöble
  • Francesca Esguerra
  • Lukas Rowland
  • Michele Luchs
  • Okwiri Oduor
  • Sara Meleika
  • Sara Morley
  • Smriti Bansal and
  • Ti Coleman

Hosted by Deb VanSlet.


Confabulation is a monthly storytelling event, based in Montreal and Victoria, where we share stories, told true as we can tell them. They are honest accounts, from the people that lived them, told without notes, props, or gimmicks.

Confabulation was founded by comedian, writer, and actor, Matt Goldberg in 2010. Since then, the show has played on stages across Montreal (including Mainline Theatre, the McCord Museum, Centre Phi, and the Centaur Theatre) and worked with local partners like the Just For Laughs Festival, CBC Books, Broad Science and the Montreal Intercultural Storytelling Festival. In 2015, we began producing events in Victoria and Toronto—where the show has continued to thrive, expanding the community of storytellers across Canada.

What sets Confabulation apart from other true-life storytelling shows is our dedication to the craft of storytelling. All storytellers, from veterans to first-timers, work with our production team to sharpen their art, and give the show a focused, coherent feeling.