Goethe Media Space

Atom Egoyan, "Fassbinder 1945-1982" Atom Egoyan, "Fassbinder 1945-1982" | Photo: Goethe-Institut Toronto

The Goethe Media Space showcases three to five artistic positions from Germany, Canada and beyond each year. It presents thought- and conversation-provoking installations and exhibitions around a broad range of practices and topics, from questions of urban livability to explorations of the natural world and reflections of current affairs, expressed across photography, film & video, media & digital arts, or experimental sound. It gives voice to contemporary emerging, mid-career as well as established artists who add a unique perspective to their field, inviting diverse & culturally curious audiences to discover new art and artists and to cross borders. Artists featured have included media and light artist Mischa Kuball, Nobel Prize winning author Herta Müller, photographer Maria Sewcz, and filmmaker Wim Wenders.
Located at the Goethe-Institut Toronto, the Goethe Media Space is conceptualized around a media wall and 4K HD screen, complemented by additional screens, audience iPads, “reading rooms”, online essays, or easels as needed. The exhibitions are either specifically created by the Goethe-Institut’s Program Curator Jutta Brendemühl, who initiated the space in 2011, or co-curated and designed with distinguished German and international partners such as Fogo Island Arts, Digifest, Luminato Festival, TIFF, German Music Council, or the Fassbinder Foundation.
The Goethe Media Space serves as a hub that focuses on pertinent developments in the current international arts and culture scene in Germany (including European and Canadian-German artists) and strives to open up the work that is hosted to an expanded intercultural dialogue.
Thematically, the shows are often connected to themes arising from the GOETHE FILMS series –the city on film; image makers’ creative influences– or other overarching projects or residencies programmed by the institute and its partners, e.g. multi-year The Future of the City and The Future of Mobility series with Evergreen Brickworks, MaRS Discovery District, Urbanspace Gallery, Union Station, York University and others. The Space thus enables visitors to get a deeper understanding of impulses from artists, filmmakers, thinkers and makers working within and out of the German and European discourse today, with the occasional historic recourse to give further background.
The artists often join the Goethe Media Space for a talk, lecture, performance, or audience encounter as well as exchanges with Canadian curators, experts and artists, e.g. Prof. Beth Coleman (UWaterloo Critical Media Lab) or Prix Ars Electronica winner David Rokeby.


Thomas Guignard: "In the Stacks" | Photography, Installation, Social Media Takeover 2020

Ricarda Roggan: "Kino" | Photography, Sound Installation, Reading Room, e-Essays 2020

Assaf Efron: "Mies Windows" | Photography 2019

Touching from a Distance II | Video, gif, VR experience, sculpture 2019 (guest curated by Tina Sauerländer)

Faces behind the Voices | Photo & Sound 2018

Philip Scheffner: Havarie | Video 2018

UFA @ 100: Projecting Women | Poster art & films 2017
Emerging Filmmakers – Contemporary Experimental Film & Video Art | 2017
Heinrich Zille: “Fun Fair” | Photography 2017
Fassbinder 1945-1982 | Film posters & homages 2016
Tong Lam: "Unseen, To Be Seen” | Photography 2016
Francis Montillaud: “Monologues. De l'essence d'un langage esthétique” | Video & sculpture 2016
Wim Wenders: “Wenders in the Cities” | Film posters & archival materials 2015
Edgar Leciejewski: “Rough Form” | Photo collage 2015
Felix Kubin: "Chromium dioxide memory" | CDs, cassettes, text, lecture-performance 2015
Sheraz Khan: "Look Down" | Maps, photos, sculptures, sound 2015
Pina Bausch’s "Dancing Dreams" | Photography & film 2014
Herta Müller: “10 Prints. 10 Poems.” | Poetry 2014
Maria Sewcz: “18. Juni 1989” | Photography & essays 2014
“Looking at the Big Sky” – Young positions in video art| 2013
Schwules Museum* Berlin: “Are you man enough to be a woman!” |
Poster art 2014
Mischa Kuball: “Amateurfilm” | Video art 2013
Martin Weinhold: “The Face of Culture: Portraits of Culture Workers” | Photography 2011