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Thu, 09/03/2020

Cinéma du Parc

3575 Parc Avenue
H2X 3P9 Montreal

Achtung Film!

Director: Mariko Minoguchi, 2019, Germany, 
With: Saskia Rosendahl, Edin Hasanovic, Julius Feldmeier, Leonard Kunz.

German with French subtitles.

Have you ever had a déjà vu experience? Have you ever met a person you think you already know? 

For Nora and Aron, it's love at first sight when they meet in the subway one rainy day. A complete chance meeting, Nora says. Everything is fated, says Aron. But then, the young couple winds up in the middle of a bank robbery. Aron is shot by one of the masked robbers and dies in Nora's arms. Time stands still for Nora. She tries to numb her pain, spending a night with a stranger – Natan. He offers Nora support and stability. She has the odd feeling she already knows him, without realizing what they really share…