Open Call for Implementing Partners

Grüne Musique ’24 - Where Music Meets Environmental Action

The Goethe- Institut and the French institute in Egypt proudly announce an open call for implementing partner(s) for Grüne Musique ’24, a vibrant celebration of music and environmental action taking place on June 21, 22 and 23, 2024, in partnership with several Egyptian and European institutions.

1. Background

The Goethe-Institut is the globally active cultural institute of the Federal Republic of Germany. We promote cultural exchange, education and social discourse in an international context and support the teaching and learning of the German language. The Goethe-Institut in Cairo is working in three locations: Goethe-Institut Bustan in Downtown as well as Palm Garden and White Villa in Dokki.
The French Institute in Egypt (IFE) is a department of the French Embassy in the Arab Republic of Egypt which fulfills the missions of cooperation within the framework of the 1968 agreement. Learning Arabic and French, support for the cultural scene and the organization of cultural events, scientific and university cooperation and educational cooperation are at the heart of its missions.

In 2023, the Goethe and French Institutes in Egypt launched Grüne Musique, which aims to be a green celebration of music and environmental initiatives, accumulating the civil society’s enormous efforts towards environmental sustainability in Egypt.

2. What we are looking for

We seek technical, environmental, and financial proposals for the implementation of the Grüne Musique Festival 2024 from one or more cultural and environmental institutions and companies with a strong interest in environmental issues.
The implementing partner(s) will be expected to participate in the design of this edition's programme and activities, to implement them within the budget provided by the Goethe and the French Institutes, and to contribute actively to fundraising.

Please note: The concept and the planned activities might be subject to changes.

Program and activities:
Daytime Conversations: Panel discussions, roundtables, and workshops on urban and environmental policy with researchers, public actors, and environmental activists.

Forum for Action: A forum with different Egyptian and regional environmental organisations promoting sustainability through interactive booths and engaging presentations.

Music Concerts: Late afternoon and evening concerts featuring Egyptian, French and German musicians.

Music Residency: The Goethe and the French Institutes will select 6 artists from Egypt, France and Germany for a music residency of two parts. The first part will take place on a ferry boat, where the German and French musicians will travel to Egypt with the smallest possible ecological footprint, and the second will take place in Alexandria, where the 6 musicians will meet to produce new works to be presented in Alexandria and later be performed in Cairo.

Responsibilities of the implementing partner(s):
In discussion and agreement with the Goethe and the French Institutes, the implementing partner(s) will be responsible for:
A) Sponsorship and fundraising: Actively seek and secure private and institutional sponsorship to contribute to the financial sustainability of the event.

B) Communication and PR: In collaboration with the communication departments of the Goethe-Institut and the French Institutes, the implementing partner(s) will develop the visual identity, produce publications and texts, and communicate with media outlets.

C) Concept and activities development: Propose and develop the (1) daytime conversations, (2) forum for action and (3) music concerts. Suggest artists, speakers, and NGOs who are active in Egypt in line with the objectives of Grüne Musique. The Goethe-Institut and the French Institute will organise the selection of 6 artists from Germany, France and Egypt who will take place in a residency before the Grüne Musique Festival.

D) Monitoring and evaluation: Establish and implement monitoring mechanisms and indicators to track the progress of the event, its impact and compliance with the budget and the objectives and principles of the celebration.

E) Event production: Implement the cultural and environmental programme within the budget, including but not limited to contacting Egyptian artists, negotiating fees, logistics (travel and accommodation), venue and stage set-up, technical management, receptions, guest arrival and seating areas, and panels. The Goethe-Institut and the French institute will organise the travel and accommodation of the 6 artists from Germany, France and Egypt who will perform at the Grüne Musique Festival.


  • Accessibility: Free, accessible, and safe space for all public members, including people with disabilities.
  • Environmental sustainability: Promoting responsible practices and minimising the environmental footprint of the celebration.
  • Diversity and equality: Respecting diverse backgrounds and ensuring gender equality among participants and organisers.

3. Qualifications of the Applicants

We are looking for (an) implementing partner(s) with strong skills and experience in the conception and implementation of large public events. A very good knowledge of the target group and their communication habits is necessary to ensure a target group-oriented approach. These eligibility criteria must be demonstrated by the three reference projects to be submitted (Annex 1: Reference projects).

4. Communication and Collaboration with the Goethe-Institut

The main contact for the implementing partner will be the Goethe-Institut. The Goethe-Institut attaches great importance to having a permanent contact person. The implementing partner(s) shall appoint a permanent contact person and a representative who is responsible for all matters relating to the Goethe-Institut who is authorized by the implementing partner to make binding arrangements with the Goethe-Institut. In the event of a change of contact person, the Goethe-Institut shall be notified immediately in writing. Communication between the Contractor and the Goethe-Institut shall be in English.

5. Documents to submit

A) A concept must be submitted which outlines the overall event concept, proposed program, and activities in alignment with Grüne Musique ’24’s objectives. The concept should include a timetable, proposed structures and speakers, activities, scenography, potential artists, and any other relevant details demonstrating the creative vision and feasibility of the proposal. (Appendix 1: 10-page maximum)

B) A cost estimate must be submitted, in which the costs per service are listed and a distinction is made between necessary and optional service components. Appendix 2: Financial Cost plan is to be used for this purpose. Your offer must cover all additional costs.

C) Three comparable reference projects must be named in Appendix 3 Reference projects.

D) Additional Documents & Information (PDF format):

  • Proof of legal registration in Egypt.
  • Audited financial statements for the past two years.
  • Organisational Profile: Briefly introduce your organisation’s mission and relevant experience with similar projects.

6. Deadline to submit an offer:

Please send an offer electronically until 07.03.2024, 6pm UTC+3 per mail to For any inquiries, please contact us on the same email address.

7. Timetable

The following timetable is planned. Please note certain dates may be subject to changes

Service Deadline in 2024
Kick-off meeting with team from Goethe-Institut and French Institut March 11
a) Sponsorship and Fundraising
Develop sponsoring packages and list of possible sponsors
March 20
Secure sponsoring April 10
b) Communication and PR  
Build a visual identity in accordance with the communication guidelines of Goethe-Institut and French Institut March 17
Joint Press Release May 30
Launch Social Media Campaign May 5
c) Concept and activities development:  
Concept development and suggestion of artists, workshops and panel discussions April 4
Book 3-6 musicians April 18
Book workshops & speakers April 25
d) Monitoring and evaluation:  
Develop an evaluation system to determine the impact oof the event April 4
Impact evaluation after the implementation of the event July 25
e) Event production  
Production offsite and onsite June 10 – 20
Grüne Musique Festival June 21 – 23

8. Examination and Evaluation of the offers

A) Formal Examination
The offers received by e-mail by 07.03.2024, 6pm UTC+3, will initially be evaluated for completeness and technical correctness.

The Goethe-Institut reserves the right to request the applicant to submit, complete or correct missing or incomplete documents within a certain period of time, in compliance with the principles of transparency and equal treatment. Offers that do not meet the following requirements in particular will be excluded from the evaluation:

  • Offers that have not been received in due form or time, unless the applicant is not responsible for this,
  • Offers that do not contain the required or subsequently requested documents,
  • Offers that do not contain the required price information, unless the individual items are insignificant, and their individual prices do not change the total price.

B) Selection Criteria
The following criteria, with weighting, form the basis for selecting a service provider:

C) Eligibility criteria:
  • Legal status: Main applicant must be legally registered in Egypt; co-applicants are not required to be registered but must be based in Egypt.
  • Financial Transparency: Main applicant must provide audited financial statements for the last two years.

Selection criteria:

A) Price:
A realistic and transparent budget that demonstrates financial sustainability and efficient resource allocation.

B) Quality of the offer:
Innovative and engaging concept for Green Musique '24, including strong representation of civil society organisations, environmental practices, and expert talks. Priority will be given to proposals designed collaboratively connecting multiple cultural and environmental initiatives, institutions, and companies in Egypt.

C) Experience:
Main applicant must have a proven track record in organising major cultural and environmental events.

D) Sustainability:
The proposal shows a clear commitment to implementing environmentally friendly practices throughout the event.

Selection Criteria Evaluation Points Weightening Offer A Offer B Offer C
1. Price1   30%      
2. Quality of the offer²   50%      
3. Experience³   10%      
4. Sustainability4   10%      
TOTAL   100%      

The lowest bidder receives the maximum number of points (30 evaluation points), the other bidders are evaluated according to the formula below.
Evaluation of the fixed service offer. Most favorable offer/price of the respective bidder x 30 (weighting) = X

a maximum of 30 evaluation points can be awarded for quality for each subcriterion. Quality will be scored as follows:
0-10 points: Low degree of target fulfillment
11-20 points: Average degree of target fulfillment
21-30 points: High degree of target fulfillment

The proposal shows a clear commitment to implementing environmentally friendly practices throughout the event. Sustainability will be scored as follows:
0-10 points: Low degree of target fulfillment
11-20 points: Average degree of target fulfillment
21-30 points: High degree of target fulfillment

Overall evaluation: The bidder with the most weighted evaluation points from price & quality & plausibility of time planning is awarded the contract.

9. Contact

Peter Fares
Coordinator Grüne Musique Goethe-Institut Kairo 13 Sharia Hussein Wassef Midan-El-Missaha Dokki Cairo E-Mail:

10. Annexes

A Annexes to be completed by the applicant:
Annex 1: Concept
Annex 2: Cost plan
Annex 3: Reference projects

B Annexes remaining with the applicant: Annex 4: Information obligations pursuant to Art. 13 & 14 GDPR