Film screening/ Talk/ Discussion FLUX
by Nathalia Favaro and Miki Yui

Flux Photo: Miki Yui & Nathalia Favaro

FRI 29.03.2019, 5 p.m.


as part of Goethe x Change


The short film is a poetic essay, tracing the journey of Nathalia Favaro through the Amazon Forest, and her meetings with protagonists from the forest and the river side.
Images of the Amazon forest and the river in their infinite dimension, the stories of people who lives in mutual exchange with their environment - the film reflects both micro and macro view on the life within the forest, showing the intertwined ecosystem which we all are part of.
The protagonists tell their unique stories of their life and work strongly connected to nature.                  

Inar, the poet on the boat, explains our life emerging from water, about the spirit of the forest. Stefan, a German climatologist (INPA / Max Planck Institute) who researches at ATTO (Amazon Tall Tower Observatory) explains the cycle of water and the relation between forest, our life and climate change from scientific point of view. Renata, the student of UFP - Unconventional Food Plants (PANCS in Portuguese), talks about the knowledge that became increasingly neglected, the impact of the food production and consumption in our daily life, that are inseparable from the environment.

All the stories in the film circulate around the flow of energy - the cycle of carbon and water. These elements are not only the primary source of life but also they regulate the condition of the planet. The environment is a synthesis of all factors including ourselves. The film questions our view on the life on this planet in its entity, to learn about life in its true form - in flux.

Duration: 25 min.

A musical introduction to the film will be given by Miki Yui, after the screening there will be a discussion with Nathalia Favaro und Miki Yui.


Sanna-Kaisa Juvonen: "Amazonia: the most diverse place on Earth"
Sanna-Kaisa Juvonen will talk about the diversity of the Amazon and about the reasons for this diversity. Additionally, she will give a short insight into the diversity of the indigineous people and about the diversity of the use of resources.
Sanna-Kaisa Juvonen is a biologist working in nature reserves in Finland and the world. Sie worked as a project-coordinator and researcher in the Amazon area in Peru. She wishes to be at a branch of the Amazon River in the early morning, watching the life at the river. 



Nathalia Favaro (1981, São Paulo, Brazil) is an architect, designer and artist. These fields play complementary roles in her research. She uses clay, drawings, photography and video. She studied architecture at Mackenzie University in 2006 and design at Senac in 2010. Artist-in-residence at EKWC-European Ceramic Work centre in the Netherlands 2017, at Gaya Ceramics, Indonesia and Labverde, Brazil 2018.   
Miki Yui (1971,Tokyo, Japan) artist, composer, musician based in Düsseldorf Germany since 1994. Multi-disciplinary artist, crossing the boundary of music, performance, drawing, and installation. With the background in fine art, she explores the grey zone of our perception and imagination and creates subtle and poetic work. She studied at Tama Art University Tokyo, Kunstakademie Düsseldorf and Media Art academy in Cologne, BA Fine art and Diploma Audio-Visual Media. Her works are shown in Europe and in Asia. 

This film is made possible through kind support from Goethe Institute São Paulo, and it will be exhibited at Humboldtjahr 2019, the event for 250 years anniversary of Alexander von Humboldt in Bogotá.The collaboration has emerged after LABVERDE residency in which both artists participated. The residency took place in Adolfo Ducke Forest Reserve in Manaus Brazil, a part of the amazonian research institute INPA and at Rio Negro River, in August 2018.