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Europe brochure © Goethe-Institut London

Europe brochure 2021

Discover our new Europe brochure 2021 introducing the projects to our central guidelines of Germany's Presidency of the EU Council, Civil Society, Connecting Arts & Future Technologie and Arts.

GoingGreen © Luke O'Donovan

Going Green

Three pop-up installations outside Goethe-Institut/Imperial College, V&A and Science Museum are ready to welcome visitors and wildlife back from July, 23rd onwards for the #SouthKenGreenTrail leading up to the Great Exhibition Road Festival (GERF) from 09 until 15 October 2021 with workshops, courses and events.

Collage of portrait photo of John Kampfner and Talking Culture logo Foto: © John Kampfner

Talking Culture Podcast, Ep. 6: “Notes from a Grown Up Country"

In the summer of 2020, British author and broadcaster John Kampfner released a new book with a provocative title... Why the Germans Do it Better: Notes from a Grown-Up Country.  In this episode, we share his 2019 Brady Lecture with the same title: Why the Germans Do it Better. And yes, the title made us a bit uncomfortable too. But don’t worry; this isn’t an episode about one nation being superior to any others; it’s about what democratic countries in the West can learn from a unified Germany that they helped to create. More information...