Chefket Resources
German for Young People

2016 Rapper Chefket was touring North West Europe for the Goethe-Institut with concerts for school classes in Cardiff, Glasgow, Amsterdam, Kopenhagen, Dublin, Oslo, Stockholm and Helsinki.The concerts offered a very special access to the German language and culture and are a great motivation for pupils.

Born in 1981 in Heidenheim/Brenz, Chefket is living and working in Berlin since 2006. His idols include blues legends like Otis Redding, Eric Burdon and Aaron Neville, whilst the foundation of his sound is Hip Hop.

Also in class music is a great tool to motivate learners. Below you find an extensive resource pack on Chefket’s songs to bring fun and variety into your German lessons:

For some song samples and music videos please visit the official Chefket website.