Arthouse Cinema 2024

Since 2012, the Goethe-Institut Indonesia has established Arthouse Cinema as a regular film screening initiative. In 2024, Arthouse Cinema will run from April to November, showcasing an impressive lineup of titles that promise to take audiences on a captivating journey through various genres and themes.

Arthouse Cinema 2024 © Goethe-Institut Indonesia

Film Screenings

"Parchim International"

Parchim International (25.05.2024, 2 PM)
Germany, 2016, Director: Stefan Eberlein | Duration: 89 min. | with English subtitle

Parchim International © Neue Visionen Filmverleih GmbH

This year's program aims to provide an alternative to the cinematic dominance of well-known German cities like Berlin, Frankfurt, or Hamburg. The carefully selected films offer a unique opportunity to explore underrepresented areas such as the provinces, suburbs, and small-micro cities in Germany. By delving into the multifaceted representations of everyday life and the challenges faced by people in these regions, we hope to encourage audiences to reflect on various aspects of identity, relationships, and the diverse realities of life in both Germany and Indonesia.


Dinyah Latuconsina
Programme Coordinator

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