Open Data

We’re exploring new ways to build a culture of open data in Southeast Asia

  •  © Wahyu Setyoningsih
    The management of a village information system for achieving public responsibility in the villages
  •  © Suparmo
    Transparent budget management of Amarta, a BUM Desa (village-owned company) in the village of Pandowoharjo, Sleman Sub-district, Sleman Regency
  •  © Supriyanto
    Low participation of women in development planning (Musrenbang) in the villages of Patalan and Canden, Jetis, Bantul DIY
  •  © Panikem
    Transparent distribution of financial resources for the operation of the SDN Siyono 1 primary school
  •  © Iin Narniyati
    Budget and expenditures of a village (APB Desa) for strengthening the role of women
  •  © Niken Marita
    Use of funds for providing clean drinking water and sanitation facilities (PAMSIMAS)
  •  © Aris H
    Budget transparency and villager participation in the construction of a tertiary dike in the village of Murtigading
  •  © Dwi Rahmanto
    Village budget transparency with the help of the village information system (SID) – promoting public responsibility
  •  © Bahrun
    Dlingo’s long way to becoming a cultural village

Data2Life. Life2Data

Data permeates and impacts every sphere of our society - even if much of the public discourse still revolves around abstract questions centred on the role of technology in the production and application of data, open data is far more than just a technical concept and needs to be better understood and shared.

Open Data Innovation Week

Over the past few years, open data has seen significant progress in Indonesia and across Southeast Asia, with more governments opening data for public perusal and consumption and civil society becoming knowledgeable about and engaging with the data. Moreover, there’s been a large growth in initiatives, events and organisations focused on advocating for and experimenting with open data to foster a more open, responsive and inclusive government

Collaborative knowledge in the web

Free access to knowledge and information is an essential cornerstone of democratic societies. In the digital world, non-commercial platforms such as Wikipedia play an important role.

Data Literacy

Not all segments of the population profit equally from the internet. In Indonesia, as elsewhere, the proportion of women who have access to the internet is lower than that of men in the population.

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