Discussion Ngopi.4 – Facing Towards Riverscape Sustainability

Ngopi.4 – Facing Towards Riverscape Sustainability ©Goethe-Institut Bandung

7 - 9 PM


Open discussion sessions in an unconference-style

Moving forward from discussing about local artistic collectives and how they work in the three previous sessions, Ngopi.4 to Ngopi.6 take us to artistic-activist collaboration about ecological sustainability and the intersection between artist collectives and civil society initiatives. Ngopi.4 will focus on water and rivers. Moderator Endira F. Julianda (Rakarsa) and facilitator Riyadhus Shalihin (Bandung Performance Art forum) invite participants to share experiences in observing, highlighting, and addressing issues around water and rivers in Bandung. How can civic initiatives empower themselves? Where can artistic and cultural practices contribute to the issue? Agung Eko Sutrisno (Performance.rar) and Mang Dian spark the conversation by giving insight into their practices and experiences.

In relation to preventing the spread of Covid-19, Ngopi.3 will be implemented virtually through Zoom.


The bi-monthly Ngopi series is part of Rubicon, a cultural initiative by the Goethe-Institut Bandung, Institut Français d’Indonési Bandung and Rakarsa Foundation that unfolds throughout the whole year of 2021. Ngopi seeks to further explore the collaborative experiences of local artistic/creative/activist actors in their creative process as well as challenges, obstacles and potentials of working collectively on current issues in the city of Bandung. Consisting of nine open discussion sessions in an unconference-style, each Ngopi presents discussion triggers – inputs by local experts and practitioners – which result in an open discussion and fluid conversation with the audience-participants. The Ngopi series will emphasize three main topics: collective identity and diversity, environment and sustainability, and social justice and empowerment in our shared urban space. With these informal yet in-depth conversations we seek to build the ground for the next stages of the overall project. 
Rubicon is produced in partnership with Rakarsa Foundation, the Goethe-Institut Bandung and the Institut Français d’Indonésie IFI Bandung, and supported by the German-Franco Cultural Fund. The project consists of a series of unconferences, a hackathon, and a final exhibition in December 2021.

Endira F Julianda is an artist and art activist based in Bandung. Her work revolves around the construction of nature traced through observations of urban life. She is also involved in managing various fine art initiatives in Bandung and co-founded the Rodha Among Karsa (RAKARSA) Cooperative and Foundation. Endira is our moderator for Ngopi. 4 to Ngopi.6.
Riyadhus Shalihin is the founder and artistic director of the Bandung Performance Art Forum, and a playwrighter, theater maker, video and performance artist. He has been involved in many national and international contemporary arts meetings and festivals. He makes archives to create social imagination. Riyadhus is our facilitator for Ngopi.4 to Ngopi.6.
Agung Eko Sutrisno (Eko), a new media artist from Bandung who mainly works with performance art. He founded prfmnc.rar, became a member of the Bandung Performing Arts Forum (BPAF) as a scenographer, and is also a member of the collectives Klub Remaja and Kapital Space. As an artist, Agung Eko Sutrisno is interested in the values of archiving and the preservation of collective memory. He will discuss notions of water sustainaility as part of his artistic research and work at Cigondewah and Arcolabs. 
Mang Dian is an environmental activist with different proejcts on river conservation and waste management, including with the Cikapundung Community, Karang Taruna Organization, and PHL BBWS Citarum. He is chairman of the Masagi Community and Chairman of RT 04 Cibogo, Bandung.