Fabulous February

Fabelhafter Februar © Goethe-Institut

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What is a fable?

A fable refers to a short text in which mostly animals play the main characters. They get into a conflict, the resolution of which conveys an instructive message for us. Here you can learn more about these texts. 

Fables are always very short but their teaching is significant. Instead of human figures, fabulous animals or creatures always appear in the stories. However, these embody human characteristics, because they think and they act like us. 

In most fables, the animals fight or there is a conflict. In the end, either the stronger or the smarter one wins. The most important element is the instructive moral at the end. Every fable should teach us something. But we have to find that out for ourselves, because it is hidden between the lines.

Mein Fabelwesen © Goethe-Institut

My mythical creature

A creative competition

As part of our Fabulous February, we held a creative drawing contest. We asked you, what does your fabulous creature look like. We are overjoyed to have received over 200 great pictures. From them, our jury chose the most creative and unique 10. You can find the pictures of the winners below.

  • Mein Fabelwesen © Ashmita Puri

  • Mein Fabelwesen © Harshika Verma

  • Mein Fabelwesen © Navya Kumar

  • Mein Fabelwesen © Shourya Garg

  • Mein Fabelwesen © Tanav Goel

  • Mein Fabelwesen © Arnav Mishra

  • Mein Fabelwesen © Archit Khandelwal

  • Mein Fabelwesen © Tanvi Gupta

  • Mein Fabelwesen © Uddipan Gogoi

  • Mein Fabelwesen © Yuvani Madan