From Germany to Lebanon: SCHULWÄRTS!

 From Germany to Lebanon: Schulwärts!  © Goethe-Institut

The first SCHULWÄRTS! scholarship holder will start in Saida this March! “I am inspired by Kant’s idea of a world citizen and would very much like to experience for myself if and how similar ideas can be realised in everyday school life”, said the aspiring teacher for German and philosophy. Elly Ewers from the University of Jena will be joining the German faculty at the PASCH partner school, Dr. Hikmat Sabbagh Secondary School for Girls, and can soon add a new cultural experience in the Middle East to her portfolio.

“I am convinced that knowledge of other cultures is essential for good teaching in our increasingly culturally heterogeneous society. Teachers can have a positive influence on the learning climate if they are aware of the different backgrounds of their students. In order to come a bit closer to meeting this requirement, I am coming to Lebanon.”
Thanks to a scholarship provided by the Goethe-Institut, Sophie Ewers will be spending her student teacher semester at a PASCH partner school in Saida. The Goethe-Institut will assist the SCHULWÄRTS! scholarship holder with all legal aspects during her stay and will provide support with the practical organisation in the country itself and through country-specific intercultural training courses. The Friedrich Schiller University in Jena will provide academic support. The aspiring teacher will sit in on classes given by her Lebanese colleagues, will independently develop German lesson segments and will supervise regional projects on the history of the Mediterranean in cooperation with colleagues from Portugal, Greece, Morocco and Egypt.
As part of its international project SCHULWÄRTS! (schoolwards!), the Goethe-Institut arranges work placements at its partner schools abroad. Teacher trainees at all German universities, student teachers and young teachers for all subjects and school types from Germany can apply and are supported with a scholarship.