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INPUT Bangkok 2019 - Submissions Sri Lanka

As well as in the last year`s INPUT Brooklyn 2018 six productions from Sri Lanka were submitted to the National Coordinator INPUT Athula Disanayaka . This year even two of them are invited to Bangkok, which makes us very proud: We congratulate Mohanji Ranganath with his production “Water Cart” as well as Shiran Rathnayaka with “A taste of Ceylon Tea”.

We would like to thank all six Sri Lankan directors who submitted their productions to the INPUT Bangkok 2019.

“Water Cart”, Mohanji Ranganath
“A taste of Ceylon Tea”, Shiran Rathnayaka      
“Shadows”, Athula Pieris
“It is not dark now”, Santhusa Liyanage             
“Kumaran”, Ravi Abeywicrama               
“Never alone ever on earth “,Chandana Seneviratne