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Booking Form Seminarroom

Please complete and submit this form at least one week prior to the event. Otherwise your booking will be invalid. After you have submitted the form, the auditorium management team will contact you within three working days to discuss further details.

Example: (8)am - (5)pm

(Max. 25 Pax)

NB: The total size of all uploaded files may not exceed 20 MB.

(Please upload your file here.)

Catering Service
It is your responsibility to provide any food and/or drinks required for the event.

For Catering Service
Goethe Cafe | 09408844933, 09250238524 | goethe.cafe.ygn@gmail.com

Terms and Conditions
Your obligations as Hirer:
You must:

  • inform us within a reasonable timeframe prior to the event regarding any items you may need, such as microphone, screen, projector etc.
  • not use the Hired Area for any other purpose except the function specified and follow the proposal
  • not cause any damage to the Hired Area, or any fixtures, fittings or equipment located in it
  • pay to us on demand any expenses we incur if you or any other person or organization whom you have engaged leave the Hired Area, or any fixture, fittings or equipment in it, in a damaged condition
  • not smoke in the Hired Area, or in the restricted areas
  • not bring into, or store in, the Hired Area any food, drinks, any toxic, flammable and or restricted subjects
  • ensure, and take reasonable steps to ensure, that the invitees observe these obligations and that children are under supervision at all times
  • not remove chairs, tables, other equipment.
 Health & Safety Protocol


You indemnify us against any clam, expense, loss or damage we suffer if you or any invitee of yours, directly or indirectly, and willfully or negligently:
  • damages or destroys any property of ours, or of another person located within the hired area, or any of our buildings at any time you have access to the hired area for the purposes of this agreement
  • injures, or causes the death of, any person within the hired area or any of our buildings or grounds at any time you have access to the hired area for the purposes of this agreement
This indemnity is a continuing and independent obligations, survives termination or expiry of this agreement, and includes any expenses we incur on a full indemnity basis.

* required
When you send us the information contained in the contact form by clicking on the button below, you declare your consent for us to use your personal data for purposes of answering your enquiry and/or contacting you. You can revoke your consent by sending an e-mail message to auditorium-yangon@goethe.de. If you revoke your consent, your data will be erased immediately. Otherwise, your data will be erased after we have processed your enquiry or if the purpose of storing it no longer exists.

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