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Deutschkurse im Bereich der Berufsmigration© Goethe-Institut Thailand

German courses in the context of labour migration

The Goethe-Institut Thailand is your reliable partner when it comes to providing the general language and cross-cultural training of skilled workers, including in STEM-related fields or health care. You have potential candidates whom you would like to place with institutions and companies in Germany. We offer professional classes, experienced teachers and an environment that ensures the best conditions for learning German.


  • Professional classes using modern methods and techniques
  • Native Thai and German teachers who are trained to teach German as a foreign language and regularly expand their competences in continued education
  • Many years of experience in Thailand
  • A German environment to effectively learn the German language and culture
  • In-house certification exams
The best possible preparation for working in Germany includes, in addition to language skills, also intercultural competence. Intercultural competence allows to draw upon the necessary knowledge but also the ability to act and react successfully in culturally challenging situations in both every-day and professional contexts in a self-reflective way. You can find more information on our intercultural trainings here.



Based on your needs, we work out a plan with you to guide your candidates to acquire the required language level as fast and reliably as possible. We evaluate the language level, e.g. by means of level tests, in order to identify any problems at an early stage. A possible model of a (super) intense course up to B2 could be:

Modellgrafik A1 bis B2 (en)

What field will the skilled workers who you want to prepare for Germany work in? What language level is required to obtain a work visa? How much time is available for the preparation? How large is the group, etc.?  We look forward to your inquiry and are happy to make you an offer that is tailored to you and your needs.

Frequently Asked Questions

Depending on the profession, there may be different visa requirements regarding the required language level to be proven. Please enquire at the German embassy in Bangkok and at the competent local authorities in Germany.
No, we do not search for candidates. However, we are happy to support you in assessing the existing language skills of candidates if required.
We believe that sound, reliable language learning skills are essential for successful, intensive language acquisition at a high speed. Advanced language skills, preferably in a language that is from a Thai point of view related to German, such as English, can indicate these learning skills and subsequently the chances of successful acquisition of the German language. Advanced familiarity with the Latin alphabet is essential and a basic requirement for fast language acquisition.
We think that a course programme as intense as possible is advisable, especially if candidates are required to reach advanced language levels. It allows candidates to progress in a fast and focused way and to leave for Germany soon. In our experience, language learning is more successful and sustainable if course participants can concentrate fully on studying. To pass exams and advance to the successive levels, sound and resilient language skills are a prerequisite. Distraction through professional life and work-related exhaustion, on the other hand, slows down the progress.
Passing a level examination is a prerequisite to advance to the next level. It is possible to repeat the level in one of our standard courses, provided that courses at the required level and free spots are available. We therefore recommend early and additional support for weaker learners in order not to disturb the group dynamics in the course.