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60 Years Goethe-Institut Thailand

The Goethe-Institut has been present in Thailand since 1960 and plays an important role in German-Thai cultural exchange. In 2020, we celebrate the past 60 years with our partners and lay the foundations for the future.

Logo Jubiläum

A word from the Director

"The first Goethe-Institut in Southeast Asia not only looks back on an eventful past, but also on a phenomenal evolution. Starting out as a one-man-business, it now is one of the largest Goethe-Instituts in the world."


Personal Memories

Anniversary Highlights

Deutsche Spuren GI Thailand Main banner © Goethe-Institut Thailand

Photography exhibition and Book Lauch
German traces in Bangkok, Thai traces in Berlin

The works by German photographers Wolfgang Bellwinkel and Ralf Tooten invite the audience to (re-)discover the traces that have shaped these two iconic capitals.