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Helen Lee Banner© Helen Lee

Freedom Cocoon

Inside a hallway cocoon, a transformation occurs. Morphing. Twisting. Turning. Slowly. Smoothly. Jaggedly. Erratically. Perhaps even joyfully to the sounds of Wild Anima. Hold a monarch butterfly close to your heart. Open up a milkweed pod. Send a seed to someone you love. Send a seed to someone you have conflict with. Wish for. Hope for. Reawakening. Radiance. Boundlessnes. Brisk. Harsh. Beauty. Boil. Drift. Fade. 

Freedom Cocoon will be published on December 03.

Helen Lee

Helen Lee Portrait © Helen Lee Helen Lee (she/they) was born and raised in Chicago to immigrant parents from South Korea, is the Director and Founder of Momentum Sensorium and a Mindfulness Yoga Teacher. She received her MFA with a focus in Performance and Film from The School of the Art Institute of Chicago and BA in Dance with a minor in Theatre from University of Hawaii at Manoa. Helen creates performances and visual art works that weave movement, storytelling, 16mm film, home videos, animation, taxidermy, plant medicine, menstrual blood paper, installation and/or social practice. Their previous works investigated various ways to enhance and diminish the senses. Those sensorial explorations have led them on a journey to examine facets of identity, history, lineage, shame, trauma, healing, death, grief and fear. She has had the privilege of presenting works in the US, South Korea, Japan, Germany, Iceland, Finland and Canada. Her performances have been published in “Emergency INDEX" by Ugly Duckling Press and films have been presented by Chicago Park District’s Chicago OnScreen. Their hope is that the work they create can help to amplify the voices of Asian American women, making their narratives more visible while building authentic, meaningful connections and build solidarity amongst the BIPOC and LGBTQIA+ communities. They are currently a HATCH Artist Residence with Chicago Artists Coalition and a Links Hall Co-MISSION Artist.

Website: momentumsensorium.com
Instagram: @momentumsensorium  

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