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Most important emergency numbers

All emergency numbers can be called free of charge from any phone without having to insert cash or a credit card.

Police: 110
The police are responsible for non-medical emergencies, crime and serious traffic accidents.
Please enter your name and
- where the incident happened
- what happened
- which persons are affected
- what injuries are present
- wait for further questions!

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Fire/Emergency/Rescue services: 112
“112” is the number to call for life-threatening situations such as heart attack, stroke or serious accidents. When in doubt about the severity of the injury, do not hesitate to alert the rescue service. This may save lives in an emergency.

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Medical emergency service: 116117
If there is an emergency over the weekend, you may call the emergency service.
Or else you can go directly to the nearest emergency clinic. These emergency clinics are usually associated with a hospital and are open in the evening until 10:00 PM as well as on public holidays.
Otherwise, you can call 116117. This call is free of charge and is available nationwide. Here you will be referred to a nearby doctor. If a home visit is required, it will also be organised by the head office.

Dental emergency service: 01805/986700
This provides the telephone numbers of clinics you can then call directly.

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For children, the same criteria and numbers generally apply as for adults.
It is also important when children are involved to know how to behave and the important rules in order to respond quickly and correctly. First of all, if a child falls, comfort and calm him or her. It is important to keep calm and assist the child quickly, not to worry too much and to properly manage any necessary emergency call. A complete first aid kit should be available at home to cover lacerations with a pressure bandage or open fractures with a germ-free wound dressing.
Child and youth hotline: 0800/1110333
Call this number for children and youth issues, Internet-related concerns and sexual abuse.
Parent hotline: 0800/1110550
Call this number for educational issues, Internet-related concerns, sexual abuse of children and all other issues parents have with their children.
“Violence against women” support hotline: 08000/116016
Nationwide counselling service for women affected by violence, social environment issues and to reach specialists. It is available free of charge, anonymously, around the clock and 365 days a year.
Support hotline for pregnant women in need (anonymous and secure): 0800/4040020

Crisis line: 0800/1110111
Problems and crises, such as issues with partners, bullying at school and in the workplace, job loss, addictions, illness, loneliness, crises, and spiritual issues can all be discussed here.
Emergency blocking: 116116

Call to block EC and credit cards as well as identity cards if they are stolen or lost.