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Urban Places – Public Spaces   deutschenglish

Die globale Diskursreihe verbindet per Live-Schaltung 27 Teilnehmer aus 7 Nationen
Tardi/Verney „Elender Krieg“ 1914-1919 | © Edition Moderne 2014

The First World War in Comics   deutschenglish

Comic artists approach the history of the First World War in their works. A dossier on history in pictures
Berlinale-Blogger 2015 | Design: Lea Delazer

Berlinale blog 2015   deutschenglish

News and views on the Berlinale 2015 from young film journalists from 8 countries
Foto: Nicholas Boos, CC BY-ND 2.0

Journalist Exchange   deutschעברית

Journalists from Tel Aviv, Berlin and Ramallah in conversation about Israeli humour, night life in Ramallah and Palestinian cuisine.

Dossier: Tales for the Future   deutschportuguês

German and Brazilian writers answer the question “We find ourselves in the year 2064 and you celebrate your 50th birthday. What does the world look like?”