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Dossier: Architecture and the City   deutschespañol

Who owns the city? Architects in Spain and Germany address criticism of the sell-out of the city and the impending loss of quality of life.

Umdenken - von der Natur lernen   deutsch

Games, filmclips and hands-on activities about the importance of the four elements water, fire, earth and air.

Dossier: Hierarchies in South America and Germany   deutschespañol

Hierarchies can be found everywhere – in the family, at the workplace and on the street. How do they come about, and how do they function?

Dossier: Physical Culture   deutschportuguês

2016 Rio de Janeiro will host the Olympic Games. A dossier on physical culture – not just in sports.

Dossier: Night   deutschenglish中文(简体)

It’s night half our lives. A dossier on night owls, night watchmen and night markets, in China and Germany.

Future Perfect   deutschenglish

The Goethe-Institut and the foundation FUTURZWEI collect stories for tomorrow – lived today, everywhere.
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Fikrun wa Fann „Psychology“   deutschenglishعربيفارسي (Persisch)

Fikrun wa Fann is also available as an e-paper.

Step into German Youth Portal   deutschenglishespañolfrançais

This German-American youth portal uses music, film and soccer to familiarize youngsters with Germany and the German language.
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German-language Film Festival 2015   deutschlietuviškai

The Goethe-Institut Lithuania will be accompanying the German-language Film Festival in Lithuania with online articles, presentations of films and information about the venues.

Architecture of the fifties in Germany   deutschLatviski

The Goethe-Institut Latvia shows an online exhibition about the architecture of the 1950s with photographs by Hans Engels and lyrics by Axel Tilch.

Video reportages: Wartime Artists   deutschfrançais

Three artists from Germany, France and Russia search for traces of their “alter egos” from the time of World War I.

Discordant Harmony   english

The project invites institutions, curators, artists and scholars to look into the ever-changing notion of ‘harmony’ in terms of history, art, society and people.

Graphic Novels at School   deutschPolski

Goethe.de/Polen invites you to learn German with comic-strip artists Mawil and Birgit Weyhe.

LIVESTREAM - Urban Places Public Spaces   deutschenglish

Follow our live global discussion with New York City, Madrid Munich on Sunday (22.03.) and tweet under #places15. Starting at 20.00 PM (CET).

Urban Places – Public Spaces   deutschenglish

This global debate connects via live video conference 27 experts and residents from seven nations.
Tardi/Verney „Elender Krieg“ 1914-1919 | © Edition Moderne 2014

The First World War in Comics   deutschenglish

Comic artists approach the history of the First World War in their works. A dossier on history in pictures
Berlinale-Blogger 2015 | Design: Lea Delazer

Berlinale blog 2015   deutschenglish

News and views on the Berlinale 2015 from young film journalists from eight countries
Foto: Nicholas Boos, CC BY-ND 2.0

Journalist Exchange   deutschעברית

Journalists from Tel Aviv, Berlin and Ramallah in conversation about Israeli humour, night life in Ramallah and Palestinian cuisine.

Dossier: Tales for the Future   deutschportuguês

German and Brazilian writers answer the question “We find ourselves in the year 2064 and you celebrate your 50th birthday. What does the world look like?”