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Germany @ Canada 2017 © Goethe-Institut

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Relive with us this exciting, year-long program.

In 2017, the German Embassy and the Goethe-Institut joined in the celebrations of Canada's sesquicentennial year with an exciting series of cultural events.
Under the motto Germany @ Canada 2017 – Partners from Immigration to Innovation / L’Allemagne @ Canada – Partenaires: de l’immigration à l’innovation, the program celebrated the German-Canadian friendship, shedding light on Germany's historical contribution to Canada's rich cultural mosaic as well as ongoing collaborations between the two countries in the fields of art and culture, science and research.
This broad program consisted of concerts and exhibitions, evening discussions, interactive installations, readings and film programs. They took place throughout the year and across the country.
A highlight of the program was the exhibition "Canada and Germany: Partners from Immigration to Innovation" in the pavilion of the National Capital Commission in Ottawa. Further events were held in Toronto, Montréal, Québec City, Banff, Vancouver and Halifax.



produzentin & Cosima von Bonin Photo: Miro Kuzmanovic

Germany @ Canada 2017
Collaborating with Cosima von Bonin

Cologne-based artist Cosima von Bonin, who has a her first Canadian solo exhibition in Canada, a collaboratin between Oakville Galleries and the Goethe-Institut Toronto, has long collaborated with German and Canadian artists and performers. We asked German-born and Toronto-based artist produzentin what makes working with von Bonin special.

Doug Saunders speaking at a Goethe-Institut Toronto event, 2016 Photo: Goethe-Institut Toronto / Toby Wang

Germany @ Canada 2017
Germany: Where the refugee flood is a solution, not a problem

What about all those tens of thousands of Syrians, Eritreans and Iraqis who don’t end up bobbing lifeless in the Mediterranean or steered at gunpoint back to the southern shore? Where do they wind up? A reflection on the situation by Canadian journalist Doug Saunders.