Film + talk with the curators Auslandstournee | Tour Abroad by Ayşe Polat

Auslandstournee von Ayşe Polat © Baernd Fraatz-Mira Film

Sun, 04.07.2021

4:00 PM - 6:15 PM


+ Q+A afterwards with the curators of “Fiktionsbescheinigung. 16 Cinematic Perspectives on Germany”

Three important German film festivals are guests in Brussels every year: the Berlinale Forum, DOK Leipzig and Duisburger Filmwoche. This year, in addition to the main programme, Berlinale Forum presents the Summer Special  “Fiktionsbescheinigung. 16 Cinematic Perspectives on Germany”. In this context, we will show a selected film from the Berlinale Forum 2021 supplementary programme: Auslandstournee from 1999 by Ayşe Polat. Following the screening, the curators Biene Pilavci and Can Sungu of “Fiktionsbescheinigung. 16 Cinematic Perspectives on Germany” will be available for a discussion with Cristina Nord, director of Berlinale Forum. 

About the programme  “Fiktionsbescheinigung. 16 Cinematic Perspectives on Germany”: 

Anyone who assumes that we in Germany in 2021 live in an open, differentiated society to which people or previous generations of their families who immigrated to the country decades previously belong without question will repeatedly be confronted with a racist reality. And as long as this racism continues to seep into images and narratives, it will hardly come to a halt at the barriers before film sets either, nor at the fictional spaces on the big screen or the devices on which we watch content at home.  

“Fiktionsbescheinigung” responds to this situation with the idea of a fluid list of films from the last four decades. The films were selected by the five curators Enoka Ayemba, Karina Griffith, Jacqueline Nsiah, Biene Pilavci and Can Sungu: “The series sees itself as a snapshot of an ongoing, self-determined process of intervention and protest. Each of the films functions as a suggestion as to how the white German gaze can be countered with diverse, intersectional perspectives, with all of them having one thing in common: their own visual and textual practice of testimony from within, not from the margins.” (Excerpts from curatorial statement by Enoka Ayemba, Karina Griffith, Jacqueline Nsiah, Biene Pilavci, Can Sungu) 

About the film:  Auslandstournee (Tour Abroad) 

(Germany, 1999, German, Turkish, subtitled: English, 91’) 

In Amsterdam, Zeki, a gay singer from Turkey, receives the news of the death of his colleague Mahmut in Hamburg. Zeki goes to the funeral and suddenly is stuck with Senay, the dead man's daughter. He wants to take the eleven-year-old girl to Cicek, an alleged aunt - who is in fact Senay's mother. The journey leads from Hamburg via Paris and the south of Germany to Istanbul. When Zeki finds the wanted woman, she wants nothing to do with her daughter. With AUSLANDSTOURNEE, Ayse Polat creates an intimate and critical picture of Turkish life in Central Europe that had not been seen before. 

About the director: Ayşe Polat 

The Turkish-Kurdish screenwriter and director Ayşe Polat (born 1970 in Malatya, Turkey) came to Hamburg in 1978. Polat studied German, philosophy and cultural studies and made her first successful short films. At the Ankara Film Festival, AUSLANDSTOURNEE was awarded "Best Directorial Debut". She is also known for En garde (2004) and Luks Glück (2010), among others. 

“PERSPEKTIVEN – Berlinale Forum, DOK Leipzig, Duisburger Filmwoche“ is an initiative by Goethe-Institut Brussels and BOZAR Films, programmed with Le p'tit ciné asbl, in cooperation with the Berlinale Forum, Arsenal – Institute for Film und Video Art, DOK Leipzig and Duisburger Filmwoche. The series is kindly supported by the Berlin Senate Department for Culture and Europe.