Film screening Tribute to Dalila Ennadre - Screening of 'El Batalett'

'El Batalett' - Dalila Ennadre 'El Batalett' - Dalila Ennadre

Sat, 19.11.2022

7:00 PM - 9:00 PM


Halaqat Film Days - Past and Present of Arab Societies through Women’s Lenses

This autumn, Halaqat Film Days celebrates the old and the new generation of Arab women directors and actresses. Visitors will discover recent films and productions from the past thanks to a programme that creates a dialogue between the works and the different generations of women directors. 

'El Batalett' - Dalila Ennadre (2000/2001,60'):
The action takes place in the heart of the old Medina in Casablanca. The film portrays a group of women who have lived there since childhood. Together, they offer a complex image of the popular Moroccan woman, a modern and urban woman, far removed from the orientalist clichés that describe her as submissive or lustful. Through the eyes of these Batalett (heroines) who recreate a small world of their own every day, we experience major events in Morocco at the beginning of the 21st century.

Dalila Ennadre (1966) was born in Casablanca. She was self-taught and has made several documentary films on subjects related to Moroccan society. Her films have won awards at documentary film festivals around the world. She was a producer at Laya Prod until her death from a long illness while editing her last film in May 2020.

Introduction by Karima Saïdi (in FR)

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