Uncivil society - artist talks

Triangular Stories Henrike Naumann

Sat, 24.07.2021

7:00 PM


with Henrike Naumann and Christina Varvia (Forensic Architecture)

Due to unpredictability the event has to be postponed to saturday.

The discussion will involve two artistic positions that are both based on research, but very different in form:

Artist Henrike Naumann was born in Zwickau, the city in which the NSU went underground and hid out for many years. Ever since the NSU claimed responsibility for the serial killings, Naumann has been using furniture and other objects of interior design to explore how political convictions are reflected in people’s taste and everyday personal aesthetics. In her large-scale installations, including 14 Words and Triangular Stories, she reconstructs interiors drawn from the neo-Nazi subculture to give us a sense of how the neo-Nazi outlook is expressed in material manifestations.

Forensic Architecture, a London-based research group, have recreated the family-run Internet café in Kassel whose owner, Halit Yozgat, was shot dead by the NSU. This crime scene reconstruction serves to determine the chain of events and challenge the testimony of intelligence agent Andreas Temme, who claimed he’d left premises before the murder. The results of the reconstruction were recorded on the video The Murder of Halit Yozgat: 77sqm_9:26min, which was first screened at the Documenta 14 in Kassel.

The discussion will be moderated by the journalist Matthias Dell.


The featured artists:

Henrike Naumann reflects socio-political problems on the level of interior design and domestic space and explores antagonistic political beliefs through the ambivalent aesthetics of personal taste. In her immersive installations she arranges furniture and home decor into scenographic spaces interspersed with video and sound work. Growing up in Eastern Germany, Naumann experienced extreme-right ideology as a predominant youth culture in the ’90s. Therefore, she is interested in the mechanisms of radicalization and how they are linked to personal experience. Although rooted in her experiences in Germany, Naumann’s work has addressed the global connectivity of youth cultures and their role in the process of cultural othering.

Forensic Architecture (FA) is a research agency, based at Goldsmiths, University of London, investigating human rights violations including violence committed by states, police forces, militaries, and corporations. FA works in partnership with institutions across civil society, from grassroots activists, to legal teams, to international NGOs and media organisations, to carry out investigations with and on behalf of communities and individuals affected by conflict, police brutality, border regimes and environmental violence.Their investigations employ pioneering techniques in spatial and architectural analysis, open source investigation, digital modelling, and immersive technologies, as well as documentary research, situated interviews, and academic collaboration.

Matthias Dell is a freelance film, media and theatre critic for Deutschlandradio, Zeit-Online, Cargo, epd Film, Spiegel.de and FAS. His published books to date are “Herrlich inkorrekt”. Die Thiel-Boerne-Tatorte (2012), Über Thomas Heise (2014), Duisburg Düsterburg. Werner Ruzicka im Gespräch (2018).