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Recommendations for an inclusive digital future

“Our digital future, c’est ICI” offers young adults a new platform for a debate that addresses our digital future in a holistic and positive way, and focuses on identifying the principles, processes and decisions that will lead to the most inclusive digital societies.

Our Digital Future
Goethe©Ashutosh Gupta

Over the past 30 years, a new digital culture, interactivity and instantaneous communication have fundamentally changed our world. We are now at a new crossroads: advances in augmented reality, virtual reality and artificial intelligence; the ‘internet of things’; how we interact with devices and the disappearance of the keyboard; big data and user experience tailored to the individual will all change how we live, work, play and participate in society – administratively, economically, socially and politically.

What are the potential benefits of these changes, what are the potential drawbacks? How can we ensure that such changes lead to the further development of inclusive societies?

Thinkathon Online Challenge

ODF © Goethe-Institut Montreal

October 1st, 2020 - January 22nd, 2021
Thinkathon Online Challenge

How can technology help to solve current issues such as; racism, gender equality, health, education and climate change? How can we ensure that the solutions to these issues do not exclude lower-income households, people of colour, women, or LGBTQQIP2SAA individuals? 

What's Happened So Far...

Thinkathon Montreal-Brussels
Citizenship 4.0

What can we do to encourage active citizenship and minimize social exclusion in a digital context? How can technology be used to facilitate and increase civic and political participation? How can we create an inclusive society around active digital citizenship?

social relations ©ThinkYoung

Thinkathon Edmonton-Milan
Social Relations

How are technological advancements changing our understanding of socializing and how can digitality be useful in building an inclusive society?

odf Goethe-Institut Montreal

Thinkathon Online Challenge

What happens when youth multiply their intellectual capacities and create projects aimed at making our future more digitally inclusive? What are the implications for our society, our politics, our culture, our environment in a digital future? 

Policy Recommendations ThinkYoung

Thinkathon Vancouver - Madrid
Smart & Fast Expanding Cities

 What is a 'smart city' and how are information and communication technologies changing our sense of society and community?


...more to come

24h Thinkatons

Montreal - Brussels

Montreal-Brussels | October 4-5, 2019
Citizenship 4.0

Work with like-minded people on-site and online to shape our future around “Citizenship 4.0”! What impact are technological advancements having on citizenship? How can we use digitality to build an inclusive society with active citizenship?

Social relations

Edmonton-Milan | November 29-30, 2019
Social Relations

Work with like-minded people on-site and online to shape our future around “Social Relations”! How have social relations changed as a result of technological advancements? What can we do to positively impact the way we socialize in a digital context?

Smart Cities

Vancouver-Madrid | June 8-12, 2020 | Online
Smart & Fast Expanding Cities

Work with like-minded people on-site and online to shape our future around “Smart and Fast Expanding Cities”! How do technological advancements influence our concept of cities? How can we use them to create smart cities?


Our Digital Future