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Musikrückblick 2020© Shutterstock

Music scene
The year in music: 2020

Crisis, cancellations, economic drawbacks - the cultural sector had a tough year. Nevertheless, there was no talk of standstill - quite the opposite: the pandemic forced music makers and audiences into the virtual sphere and awakened the innovative power of the crisis. 

The show must go online.

The apocalypse begins and here I am promoting my album - that was a terrible feeling.

Nika Son
(in conversation with Thomas Venker in Kaput - Magazin für Insolvenz und Pop on April 4, 2020)

I hope new formats will emerge that are, by necessity, designed for a smaller audience and therefore automatically more inclusive and interactive. That the hierarchy of a ‘classical’ stage on high and the audience down below in the dark will be broken up to make way for more creativity and freedom.

Maxine Troglauer