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Diversity in children's literature

Our colleagues from baltic countries have invited a number of authors and illustrators from four countries to create little books on topics such as "equal opportunities", "diversity", "body" and "freedom", in which children between the ages of 6 and 10 can find themselves. Discover the books on this page and download them here!

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Our pocket books are short illustrated stories on a foldable sheet of paper, jointly developed by children's book authors and illustrators from Estonia, Lithuania, France and Germany. Every child can download the books for free, print them out and fold them into their own little book. The stories for reading aloud and reading to yourself are also easy to use for workshops and educational activities in schools, preschools and libraries. The aim is to teach children about human rights, promote reading and encourage creative collaboration between European children's book authors and illustrators.

In addition to these central concerns, the project aims to stimulate a debate on greater diversity within the literary scenes. Which topics play a role? How diverse is the literary market? Which players have access? Diversity and intercultural exchange is therefore also an important part of the project itself.

The collection of pocket books is supplemented by accompanying educational material.

You can download and print out the books here:

All Tiny Books

All the stories have been translated into English, Estonian, German, French, Lithuanian and Ukrainian to ensure that the Tiny Books reach as wide a readership as possible and that language barriers do not hinder the pleasure of reading. All books and accompanying materials can be read electronically or downloaded free of charge: www.tinybooks.eu


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