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Aminder Dhaliwal

is a native of Brampton, Ontario and received a Bachelors of Animation from Sheridan College. She now lives in Los Angeles, where she has directed, storyboarded and written for Disney TV Animation, Cartoon Network and Nickelodeon.

Aminder Dhaliwal© Aminder Dhaliwal
Aminder Dhaliwal© Aminder Dhaliwal

A sense of irony

Can you tell us about what you wanted to convey with this piece of artwork? What were some inspirations or ideas you wanted to consider when you were creating it?

In this piece I wanted to capture the naiveté of those who haven't been wronged before, as well as a sense of irony. 

Why is the subject of reconciliation important to you? 

Reconciliation is an important theme to me, so important that it makes me feel incredibly uncomfortable.  But, the themes that make us uncomfortable are often worth pursuing. Part of the reason I kept this piece light-hearted was because I was overwhelmed with fear of taking on a tough subject. Funny enough, I was later overcome with a dread of having made light of heavy subject (there's no winning.) 

What was the creative process like in creating this artwork? (Do you map it out in a plan beforehand, do you work on text first and then illustration or vice versa? You can also talk about the medium or methods you use in creating the work.)

This piece was entirely digital except for the initial concept. At the concept stage I use mostly post-it notes. I'll keep rearranging the post-it notes as the comic takes shape. 

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