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The IDO is a fantastic event: known as the great international festival of the German language, it is coming to Göttingen in 2024! There, young people will not only compete for the title of best German learner, but will also go on a discovery tour through the green city of science. Around 50 countries worldwide are now preparing for the big IDO final in Göttingen from July 15 to 22, 2024 in national preliminary rounds. Being there is what counts!
Over the weekend I enjoyed meeting other people from different places in Canada and learn about their experience learning German. I also enjoyed applying my creative side to the project and had a lot of fun.
A participant

Two candidates are going to Germany!

How do we get acces to drinking water? Who gets medication when there is shortage? What topics should form the basis of our education system? These and other questions were addressed by 20 German learners from all over Canada at the National German Olympiad at the Goethe-Institut Montreal.

In mid-November 2023, Canadian students at the German levels A2 and B1 came to Montreal to face interesting challenges. They had already participated in school competitions in their home towns – Saskatoon, Vancouver, Edmonton, Toronto and Montreal – and succesfully qualified for the national qualifying round of the IDO in Montreal. An exciting weekend awaited them here: They prouved their language skills with creative writing assignments and thrilling group assignments. From designing a poster to shooting a film and writing a rap song – our participants never ran out of ideas. A night walk through the illuminated Montreal, a movie night with lots of pocorn and a funny quiz rounded off the program during the national qualifying round. Our expert jury assessed not only the linguistic performance but also the team spirit and the commitment of our participants.
I loved the atmosphere presented in the program. I also liked the amount of people – there was not an overwhelming amount which made it easier to make friends and have fun. The presentation activity was also very fun to do and I loved the creative freedom we had. Sehr gut!
A participant

We look back to a great weekend full of fun and unforgettable encounters and congratulate our two winners: Victoria Ngoy Ndomvbe from Montreal and Carter Whitehead from Toronto! In the Summer of 2024, they will represent Canada in the largest international German competition, the IDO in Göttingen.

The national preliminary decision

November 17-19 in Montreal in pictures:

  • Gruppenbild © Goethe-Institut Montreal/Monik Richter

  • Gewinner © Goethe-Institut Montreal/Monik Richter

  • Vorbereitung © Goethe-Institut Montreal/Monik Richter

  • Gruppenbild am Klavier © Goethe-Institut Montreal/Monik Richter

  • Bei der Arbeit © Goethe-Institut Montreal/Monik Richter

  • Bei der Arbeit 2 © Goethe-Institut Montreal/Monik Richter

  • Arbeit am Computer © Goethe-Institut Montreal/Monik Richter

  • Vorbereitung 2 © Goethe-Institut Montreal/Monik Richter

  • Arbeitsgruppe © Goethe-Institut Montreal/Monik Richter

  • Bei der Arbeit 3 © Goethe-Institut Montreal/Monik Richter

  • Bei der Arbeit 4 © Goethe-Institut Montreal/Monik Richter

  • Publikum © Goethe-Institut Montreal/Monik Richter

  • Video © Goethe-Institut Montreal/Monik Richter

Teamwork: Video

For me, the best part of the weekend was watching the presentations we worked on, because you could really tell how much fun people were having while making them. I also thought they were pretty funny, while also having useful vocabulary.”
A participant


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