Artist Talk Artist Talk with Sven Marquardt

Sven Marquard © Ole Westermann

Sat, 09/23/2017

Never Apart

7049, rue Saint-Urbain
H2S 3H4 Montréal

As part of the exhibition Black Box

The Goethe-Institut is very proud to welcome German photographer Sven Marquardt for an artist talk at Never Apart. Having presented a photo installation at Never Apart, Sven Marquardt, who is arguably most famous for his role as doorman at Berlin’s famed Berghain nightclub, will also detail lesser known aspects of his life growing up as a photographer in the former GDR and the punk/new wave scene of East Berlin at the time.

Marquardt’s work combines formal severity and clear imagery with bleak impermanence, impresses through interaction of ease, severity and the dramatic art of monochrome contrasting. The ever changing metropolis of Berlin has shaped Marquardt’s sensibility for striking characters, his sense for the unusual in humanity.


Lisan Tibodo works in the media arts field as a filmmaker, curator and instructor. Her practice is that of the moving image, where she explores various genres such as cinematic essay, documentary, experimental fiction, artist portraits, music video, installation and music. Between 1982 and 1996, she resides in Berlin where she is a night club Dj and musician in the underground world. She is a member of the Panorama team at the Berlinale and produces her works which are presented in various international museums and festivals, winning prizes. Today, she continues her career as a curator and independent filmmaker around the world.

The artist talk with Sven Marquardt  is presented as part of “Germany@Canada 2017 - Partners from Immigration to Innovation”.  

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