Instagram Live #Heritage_digitised // Dr. Anne Luther

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Wed, 06.09.2023

5:00 PM - 5:30 PM


What does digital restitution mean and what is the role of the digital object within the concepts of decoloniality and restitution?

Due to a colonial past, many European cultural heritage institutions have collections that belong to other countries and communities. Today, these institutions - Museums, Libraries and Archives - are increasingly engaging in discourses about the complexities surrounding ownership and repatriation of these collections. We delve into the digital aspects of repatriation in this conversation and discuss the potential role technology can play towards repatriation.  
Join us for an Instagram Live session on Digital Repatriation with host Medhavi Gandhi and Dr. Anne Luther on 6 September on the Goethe-Institut London's Instagram channel! Tune in, join the discussion and let us know what you think. 

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Anne Luther privat Dr. Anne Luther is a strategic advisor, technology expert, and catalyst with a focus on digital heritage. Her work applies technology, design, and humanities research for the interaction, exploration, and opening of cultural heritage preserved and represented in digital data. She is the founder of The Institute for Digital Heritage and Principal Investigator for Digital Benin, leading the development of a digital platform that brings together rich documentation from collections worldwide to provide a long-requested overview of the royal artworks looted in the 19th century from the Kingdom of Benin. 
Over the past 15 years, Anne worked with museums and cultural institutions internationally on digital projects, including digital exhibitions, online platforms, data sprints, data-driven research, and data visualisations. 

Medhavi Gandhi private Host Medhavi Gandhi is the founder of The Heritage Lab, a digital platform connecting citizens and museums, exploring new approaches to creating participation and engagement with cultural heritage. She has worked with a wide range of Indian organisations and those in the UK, US, Australia and Europe to develop youth engagement with culture through storytelling and design. More recently she developed and executed the Wiki Open Knowledge Fellowship in India; she also conceptualised the Digital Storytelling Festival, which is executed and promoted by Europeana across the EU. 

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How can cultural heritage be preserved digitally? With #Heritage_digitised we delve into discourses surrounding the digitisation of art and cultural heritage to ask what does this imply for narratives around postcolonialism, sustainability, representation and diversity? Through engaging discussions, insightful perspectives and the interactive competition GIF IT UP; where you can remix your own cultural heritage, #Heritage_digitised invites artists, scholars, activists, and cultural enthusiasts to participate in the exploration and reimagining of digitisation.