Andrianus Oetjoe - Der Grenzgaenger
5 Islands / 5 Villages

  • Der Grenzgänger © Andrianus Oetje
    Der Grenzgänger
  • Der Grenzgaenger © Andrianus Oetje
  • Der Grenzgaenger © Andrianus Oetje


An electric fence and a big river separated a small village in South Germany with only 100 residents from the rest of the world in the past. After Germany reunited, the mayor of the village decided to build an office complex that could accommodate around 1000 people. The employees came from different parts of Germany. But after only a couple of years, the office complex closed down and was then abandoned for a long time, until 700 refugees from the Middle East came and it was used as a temporary shelter a few years ago. Now the refugees have also left the office complex and the village. The mayor, who is 74 years old, worries about the fate of his village, trying to figure out what the future holds for its residents.

Year: 2017
Length: 22 minutes
Language: German



Andrianus Oetjoe was born in Jakarta. After obtaining a Master of Engineering degree in Berlin, Germany, Oetjoe went to West Papua to work as a teacher. It was there that he first became interested in the world of ethnographic filmmaking. In 2014, his short documentary Transit, which tells the story of asylum seekers who tried to reach Australia through Indonesia but were eventually arrested by Indonesian authorities, was shown at Vienna’s Week, Austria. In 2016, he had the chance to participate in the Asiadoc residency in Cambodia, which was organized by Docmonde. He also collaborated with a German filmmaker as assistant director and translator for a documentary project called Oh My Brother Octopus – a film about hunting octopus in Sulawesi, which was also screened at the Berlinale 2017.