Wahyu Utami Wati - Maja's Boat
5 Islands / 5 Villages

Wahyu Utami © Wahyu Utami


Pellworm Island, Schleswig-Holstein, Germany. Stefan and Nico are two fishermen who start their work routine every day in accordance with the sunrise. Maja’s Boat invites viewers to learn more about their work and wade through the North Sea with them.

Year: 2017
Length: 15 menit
Language: German



Wahyu Utami Wati was born in Wonogiri and currently lives in Yogyakarta. Since 2009, she is making video art. Her artworks have been exhibited in some galleries in several cities. She has joined several residency programs, both in Indonesia and abroad. Besides making video art, she also worked as freelance assistant director in film and TVC productions. In 2014, she worked as video facilitator in Flores and Halmahera and started to make films. Currently she works as a lecturer at Jogja Film Academy and as freelance copywriter.