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Laymert Garcia dos Santos© André Favilla

Laymert Garcia dos Santos

Laymert is an essayist and former lecturer in the field of sociology of technology at the University of Campinas, São Paulo. He has published extensively on the topics of art, culture, and technology, having written a number of books, including Tempo de Ensaio (Essay Time) and Politizar as novas tecnologias (Politicising New Technologies), as well as having published many essays on contemporary art in magazines and catalogues both in Brazil and abroad. With Peter Weibel and Peter Ruzicka, he led the artistic production and conception of the Multimedia Opera Project for the Munich Biennale of Opera (2010). He is also co-director of Xapiri, an experimental film on Yanomami shamanism, Cinemateca Brasileira and Instituto SocioAmbiental in São Paulo (2012).