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Tutor | Ening Nurjanah

Ening Nurjanah

Ening Nurjanah Photo (detail): © Ening Nurjanah has been involved in art management for fifteen years, beginning with the contemporary photography art gallery Octagon. As Gallery Manager, Ening has managed several major exhibitions, one of which is a photography exhibition curated by M. Firman Ichsan entitled 60 Years of Indonesian Independence, which took place simultaneously at Museum Nasional and three other sites in Jakarta.

In 2018, Ening also organized the painting exhibition 56 x 76, a collaboration between Hanafi and Goenawan Mohamad at Galeri Nasional Indonesia. Her interest in organizing art events has evolved toward performance and the performing arts, and interest that has resulted in the production of several theater and dance performances. She is the Program Manager at Komunitas Salihara since 2008.