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About the project

Spurred by the rapid development of the Indonesian art scene in the last ten years, organizational work has become increasingly important. Although incorporated into the work practices of curators, artist collectives and independent institutions, visual arts exhibition organization has not been widely discussed as an independent profession with its own distinct challenges. 
Co-developed with curator and exhibition maker Leonhard Bartolomeus, the training program APIK seeks to nourish a deeper knowledge of the profession with different practical modules covering management, production, and communication that are developed specifically for the Indonesian contemporary visual arts context. Over the course of the program, 30 selected participants from Indonesia will explore a multitude of issues concerning structure and organization, funding and cooperation, public communication, audience development, production, logistics and maintaining a balanced work environment. The program itself is divided into two stages:
1) September until November 2019
Online classes consisting of video lectures, task assignments, as well as live discussion and mentorship with Indonesian experts from Museum MACAN, Jakarta Biennale, Serrum, Ace House Collective, and Komunitas Salihara. Participants are obliged to successfully complete this stage before joining the final workshop. The video lectures are open to the public and can be accessed at Goethe-Institut Indonesien’s Youtube channel. 
2) December 2019
Intensive workshop in Jakarta with comprehensive insights from Indonesian and German experts on exhibition related issues as well as arts programs in general. In this direct encounter, participants are expected to reflect on and discuss their own situations, approaches, and challenges when making exhibitions in their hometowns. The workshop is open for participants only.
Afterwards, selected participants will receive the opportunity to complete an internship with different institutions and communities within Goethe-Institut Indonesien’s network in 2020.