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Movements and Moments
Mama Dulu

With the help of a little girl called Tamia and other women that continue Dolores’ steps, we will travel through Mama Dulu’s long history of struggle to attain rights for Ecuadorian Indigenous communities. Mama Dolores Cacuango (1881-1971), as most people knew her, was an Indigenous leader from the northern Ecuadorian Andes who spent her life fighting for equality. Dolores’ work plus that of other women like Tránsito Amaguaña, moved the Indigenous agenda forward, breaking barriers to education and giving Indigenous people the right to own land, land which was originally theirs.

By Citlally Andrango Cadena and Cecilia Larrea


Comic to download

Mama Dulu © Citlally Andrango Cadena and Cecilia Larrea
Mama Dulu (Spanish - PDF 12MB)
Mama Dulu (Kichwa - PDF 13MB)

Interview and Artists Bio