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Movements and Moments
The first trans school in Latin America: The Mocha Celis

Mocha Celis is the first trans school in Latin America. It is an inclusive, public and free secondary school with a focus on gender, sexual and cultural diversity. It has been operating in Buenos Aires since 2012, the year in which Argentina's Gender Identity Law was passed. It was designed to provide a response to the historical exclusion suffered by trans people and travestis. “La Mocha” has more than a hundred students every year between 16 and 60 years old. People with different identity constructs, single mothers, racialized people, sexual workers – they all study at La Mocha. This first trans high school provides a gender-sensitive and public education that favors their insertion into the educational and labor system.

By Flor Capella, Ana Fornaro and María Eugenia Ludueña


Artworks by artists

  • Capella, Fornaro and Ludueña © Capella, Fornaro and Ludueña
  • Capella, Fornaro and Ludueña 2 © Capella, Fornaro and Ludueña
  • Capella, Fornaro and Ludueña 3 © Capella, Fornaro and Ludueña
Flor Capella © Flor Capella

Flor Capella

is an Argentinian illustrator and author. She is co-director of the Professional Illustration postgraduate course at the University of Buenos Aires and she manages the project “Argentine Illustration Archive”. She specializes in editorial illustration and visual storytelling, where her work has achieved several international distinctions.

Ana Fornaro © Ana Fornaro

Ana Fornaro (Montevideo, *1983)

was born in Montevideo in 1983 and is an Uruguayan journalist and author who reports about human rights, culture, and gender. She is the co-founder and director of Presentes, a regional news agency based in Buenos Aires. She has a BA and an MA in Comparative Literature (Université Lille 3, France).

María Eugenia Ludueña © María Eugenia Ludueña

María Eugenia Ludueña

is an Argentinian writer and journalist. She is the cofounder and director of Presentes, a news agency covering human rights and gender in Latin America. She has written Laura, a non-fiction book about a victim of state terrorism, and the storybook El mundo no necesita más canciones.