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Movements and Moments
Let the River Flow Free

Gantala Press© Gantala Press

Gantala Press

Founded in 2015, GANTALA PRESS is an independent, non-profit, volunteer-run Filipina feminist press and literary collective focused on women’s stories and issues. Our projects consist primarily of publications, discussions, and workshops. Our work encompasses cookbooks for/from militarized communities, poetry collections, and personal narratives written by women from the basic sectors. We believe in the potential of feminist publishing and in solidarity work with women artists and collectives as vital political action.

Nina Martinez © Nina Martinez

Nina Martinez

is an illustrator from Manila. She graduated in 2016 from the University of the Philippines with a BFA in Visual Communication. When she’s not illustrating for a diverse range of media including books, news, and video, she writes and draws original comics about ghosts, God, and growing up.

Artworks by artists

  • Gantala Press and Nina Martinez © Gantala Press and Nina Martinez
  • Gantala Press and Nina Martinez 2 © Gantala Press and Nina Martinez