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Movements and Moments
Shanti Chaudhary

Shanti Chaudhary is an Indigenous writer and poet from Nepal who is known for writing more books than her own age. At 63, she’s published 65 books in both Nepali and Tharu languages. Her early works feature stories about the plight of women and ill practices in the Tharu community. She also ran Srijana Bikash Kendra, an organization for the underprivileged rural and urban Tharu women to share their stories as well as gain income-generating skills such as weaving traditional baskets. In 1999, Shanti Chaudhary was awarded the National Parijat Talent Award. She is currently pursuing a law degree.

By Bandana Tulachan


Artworks by artist

  • Bandana Tulachan © Bandana Tulachan
  • Bandana Tulachan 2 © Bandana Tulachan
  • Bandana Tulachan 3 © Bandana Tulachan
Bandana Tulachan© Bandana Tulachan

Bandana Tulachan

is an illustrator and designer from Kathmandu, Nepal. She’s published children’s books, comics, and illustrations since 2012 through which she interprets the world around her and explores her identity and self. She believes in the power of stories and how art and literature can help people understand each other better.

Her first authored picture book Sanu and the Big Storm was published by FinePrint Books. She co-founded Virangana Comics, a platform for comics artists in Nepal.