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Rental Conditions

Bildausschnitt: beleuchteter, festlicher, vertäfelter Filmvorführraum

Rights and responsibilities

Films from the archives may only be rented for non-commercial purposes. Films may be rented by cinematheques, film clubs, film festivals, and cultural or educational institutions, under the condition that they are not screened on television, or in cinemas, for commercial purposes. Making copies of rented films is prohibited. Violation of any of these conditions will incur legal consequences. To protect the rights of film directors, rented films must be screened in full, and may not be changed or edited at will. films may not be loaned to a third party. 


Delivery of films must be carried out by a trusted goods delivery service. The cost of delivering the film from Jakarta to the orderer will be borne by the Goethe-Institut. The cost of returning the film to Jakarta will be borne by the orderer.


Order a film as early as possible. The date of return delivery as printed on the delivery card must be respected and adhered to.

Screening report

The form attached to every film, regarding the number of screenings and viewers must be completed in full. Any damages must be reported in detail and as soon as possible.


Our films are not provided with censorship cards from the Indonesian government. If a censorship card is required, it is the responsibility of the orderer to make the necessary arrangements.


To protect films from damage or wear, screening equipment must be carefully inspected, all technical equipment must be in the best possible condition, and the film must be played by someone with a good understanding of technical issues.

Film damage

If an orderer damages a film, all costs for repair will be borne by the orderer. The Goethe-Institut maintains the right to remove from the archives’ database any orderers who have damaged rented films.

General information

If the rental conditions are not respected by an orderer, the Goethe-Institut reserves the right to not rent films to that orderer again. All media promotion done in the context of a screening using a film rented from the archives must display the name and logo of the Goethe-Institut.


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