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Digital Discourses

Project Multatuli © Project Multatuli Project Multatuli
is a collective initiative dedicated to carrying out the ideals of public journalism by giving a voice to the voiceless, spotlighting the marginalized, and reporting on the underreported. Project Multatuli produces data-based, deeply researched news stories. Our work involves collaboration with other news organizations, research bodies, and civil society groups that strive for democracy, human rights, social justice, environmental sustainability, and equal rights for all.
Deutsche Welle © Deutsche Welle Deutsche Welle
DW is an unbiased media organization, based in Germany. DW provides journalistic content in more than 30 languages to people worldwide, including Indonesia, giving them the freedom to make up their own minds and the information required to form their own opinions. DW's first shortwave broadcast took place on 3 May 1953. Provided by DW Indonesia editorial department, DW firstly aired in Indonesia on 30 September 1963. DW aims to foster a peaceful, stable global community by taking focus on topics such as freedom and human rights, democracy and good governance, free trade and social justice, health education and environmental protection, technology and innovation.