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Digital Discourses
Towards Responsible AI in local Journalism


A major challenge facing journalism today is coming to terms with the collapse of local news provision. Artificial intelligence (AI) applications along the news value chain offer opportunities for local media to better cope with the economic and societal challenges they face. However, these AI applications should be responsible, i.e. they should not only increase the economic efficiency of local media but also contribute to the local democratic role of media in society by adhering to professional values and ethical standards. To complicate the matter, local media have scarce resources, a factor which limits their ability to develop and implement responsible AI applications on their own. Therefore, specific intra-organizational, inter-organizational and societal conditions may facilitate local journalism’s transition into the age of AI.

Keynote Speaker

Dr. Bartosz WilczekPrivat: © Dr. Bartosz Wilczek

Dr. Bartosz Wilczek

is PostDoc at the Department of Media and Communication at LMU Munich, Germany. His research focuses on innovation management in news organizations. Together with researchers at LMU Munich, University of Leipzig, University of Amsterdam, VU Amsterdam and University of Stavanger, he currently investigates drivers and constraints of responsible AI in local journalism. Prior to joining LMU Munich, he worked at University of St. Gallen and Università della Svizzera italiana as well as in news organizations in Switzerland.


Marissa AnitaPrivat © Marissa Anita

Marissa Anita

is a storyteller who is currently the lead editor at Greatmind.id. She writes and presents On Marissa's Mind, a series of web videos that discusses psychological and philosophical concepts she has found useful in her own life and which she hopes are useful to others. Her two master's degrees in journalism and digital media are from University of Sydney and Loughborough University. She has previously worked as a broadcaster for Metro TV and NET. She currently presents SEA Today's morning show and hosts interviews for Narasi and Mola TV.