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Alur Bunyi - 2019
Julian Abraham Togar

Julian Abraham Togar © Julian Abraham Togar The control and disjointing of electrical signals within and outside of the body to form rhythms and patterns are native impulses in how we communicate. The diverse fabrications of these oscillations and waves create a manifesting dialogue that is apparent in the creative process of Julian Abraham Togar.
For the debut concert of Alur Bunyi 2019, multi-disciplinary artist Julian Abraham Togar and visual artist Nissal Nurafryanshah (LNDG) will develop the dynamics between analog and digital languages, human versus automation, natural and synthetic processes utilizing muscle sensors, percussion instruments, and kinetic objects.
Julian Abraham Togar was born in Medan, 1987 is an artist, musician and pseudo-scientist. Words like generative, manipulating, dematerialization are often used to identify his work. Connecting one thing to another, expressed in complex algorithms, have enabled his experiences in how art, the environment, science and technology relate to one another to provide new tools to educate and engage both the artist and the society.

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