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Wildes Herz (Wild Heart)

Wildes Herz
Photo: © Eichholz Film

Directors: Charly Hübner, Sebastian Schultz | With: Jan „Monchi“ Gorkow, Kai Irrgang, Olaf Ney, Christoph Sell, Max Bobzin, Jacobus North | Language: German, with English subtitels

A small village in the wide expanses of Mecklenburg. Influenced by the political shifts of recent decades, a band has emerged here that has something to say, and wants to say it very loudly. Feine Sahne Fischfilet, whose lead singer is Jan “Monchi” Gorkow, is one of the most successful punk bands in Germany today, and in the eyes of the state is “Western Pomerania’s most dangerous band”. They write racy anthems that are full of power: they sing about the gap in the system that is their region, and do so loudly and with great appetite for life and huge relish. Wildes Herz is a portrait – as intimate as it is stirring – of a young musician who takes a stand against the shift to the far right with a big heart and an even bigger mouth, and who allows nothing to stop him. The director Charly Hübner embarks on an extremely honest and humorous journey right into the wild heart of a turbulent region characterized by losers and winners, setbacks and whirlwind triumphs.

Wildes Herz is a dynamic music film that has just as much strength and character as the band it portrays. What is more, it is an affectionate and honest portrait of a musician and that which he loves above all else: his home region.

Political, powerful, rousing. Recommended.


06.10.2018 | 3 PM | Goethe-Haus
05.10.2018 | 5 PM | Level 21 XXI
12.10.2018 | 5 PM | Ciwalk XXI
12.10.2018 | 5 PM | Nipah XXI
19.10.2018 | 5 PM | Empire XXI
19.10.2018 | 5 PM | Sutos XXI

Charly Hübner, born in 1972 in Neustrelitz, Germany, acquired his initial stage experience as an actor and assistant director at the Landestheater Neustrelitz (Neustrelitz State Theatre). From 1993 to 1997 he studied at the University of Performing Arts “Ernst Busch” in Berlin. After graduating, he received engagements in Frankfurt am Main and Berlin before concentrating on his film and television career. He played significant roles in films such as The Lives of Others and Farewell to Europe. Wildes Herz is his first work as a director.

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