Workshop Different Realities

Different Realities © Sabrina Asche and Eka Noviana

15. and 17.09.2022

Goethe-Institut Bandung

The Workshop focuses on the individual image realities of self-portrayal in social media.

What does portraying oneself say about the present and future? In the Bandung Photography Triennale series with the theme FUTURE IS NOW: SKEPTICISM, NEW REALITY AND INFINITIES, we are initiating a “reel” workshop together with Sabrina Asche and Eka Noviana concerned with Different Realities. We will question the individual pictorial realities of the participants through photography and videography in the workshop. In doing so, the focus is on self-presentation in social media. The technical basis is one’s own cell phone camera. The initiators Sabrina and Eka will accompany the discussions in this 2-day presence workshop. The aim is to enter intensively into the process of understanding and reflecting on the notions of identity and its representation. The workshop is open to the public and requires no previous photographic expertise.

15 September: 4-hour workshop centered on sharing and discussing the topic of identity and different realities as well as how to use cell phone cameras when recording for social media.

17 September: 6-hour workshop with participant presentations, sharing, evaluation and refection.

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Sabrina Asche studied photography, moving image as well as printmaking at the Academy of Fine Arts in Leipzig, where she completed her Masters in 2020 and continued her studies in a postgraduated program until 2022. She has received various scholarships and awards. Her works are represented in the State Art Collections Dresden and in the collection of the Department of Photography Museum Folkwang Essen. 
Eka Noviana studied typography and photography in HBK Braunschweig, where she got master in 2014 and achieved Ph.D. in 2020. She won an Indonesian scholarship and a DAAD Prize in 2015, one of her works is published in Perpustakaan Nasional Indonesia in their permanent multimedia collection.

Bandung Photography Triennale is a program that focuses on visual production that correspond with the latest discourses/issues through the medium photography involving photography practitioners from Indonesia and abroad. The BPT is an independent event, that organized by the Visual Art Research Group in collaboration with KOMVNI Photography Collective. The aim of BPT is to create an actualization forum for artists and professional practitioners and to map out the latest photography developments.