Concert Experimental Turntablism with Ignaz Schick

Ignaz Schick © Goethe-Institut Indonesien

7 PM

Spasial Bandung

Contempory experimental music

Ignaz Schick is a Berlin-based composer, sound artist and experimental turntablist. His music is based on old vinyl records, that he manipulates, collages and de-contextualizes in playful ways and with originally developed playing techniques.
In recent years, Schick has established intensive contacts with parts of the Indonesian Noise and experimental music scenes. In 2019, he is visiting Indonesia on invitation of Jogja Noise Bombing. On this occasion, Goethe-Institut present two solo-concerts in Bandung and Jakarta.
Ignaz Schick is a turntablist, sound artist, performer, composer and visual artist. His interest in experimental music developed when he studied the saxophone. He started experimenting with multitrack tape machines, record players and effect boxes as well as many different instruments and sound making devices.
From his work with live-electronics, he developed an originial electro-acoustic set of instruments, the ‘rotating surfaces’. Since 2012, he has been concentrating on the realisation of conceptual compositions and experimental radio pieces.
Living and working in Berlin since 1995, he has become active in and inseparable from the development of experimental music in Germany.
He is also productive as a curator of several music festivals (Festival für Andere Musik, Erase & Reset, Time Shifts, TITO, Echtzeitmusiktage 2010) and runs the experimental music label Zarek.