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Course for Teenagers

Experience German with all your senses and use it in role play, interviews and project work.

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Teenager course
  • For ages 13-16
  • Active learning: speaking, listening, reading and writing
  • Playful elements

Learn German the fun way!

Specially designed for age group 13-16 yo. Speaking, reading, listening, writing and grammar are linked in a meaningful way, quickly familiarizing the young learners with the German language.
  • Level
    A1 - B1

  • Start
    upon sufficient demand

  • Duration
    12 weeks

  • Hours per week
    6 teaching units of 45 minutes each

  • Participants
    12 - 16

  • Access to learning platform
    3 months

  • Price
    3.950.000 IDR (weekdays)
    4.100.000 IDR (weekends)

How it works

On-/Offline Sessions
2 online live sessions or 1 offline meeting session per week - meet your group and your tutor

Learning platform
Work flexibly on the learning platform and get regular personalized feedback from your tutor

Your teacher will provide you with extra material if neccessary