Workshops & Exhibit (alternatively, Presentation & Discussion) Data2Life. Life2Data

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26. - 28.07.2016

10. - 11.08.2016



Data permeates every sphere of our society – even if its impact is abstract or not always evident. This is also descriptive of open data - freely-accessible, machine-readable and openly-licensed data -, the practice of which has been gaining momentum in Southeast Asia as means for governments to boost their transparency and development efforts. Through the “Data2Life. Life2Data.” project, we aim to create a rich visual record of open data in use, and to link complex concepts into everyday realities.
The project has two components, both captured through photography:
In “Data2Life.”, we aim to bring to life how different social cliques produce, translate and consume data. Data flows through a wide array of channels - from mobile apps to newspapers - to reach and influence people. We believe that capturing and understanding this process will help to show the potential and challenges of working with open data.
In “Life2Data.”, we use photography to show how data is represented through the realities people face everyday. For example, the condition of schools, the existence of roads and the status of health services, while contained as data in government inventories, can tell visual narratives of the information in action and use.
Andreas Pawelke, Open Data Research and Innovation Manager at the Web Foundation:
“With governments answering the challenge of and strengthening open data practice, I think it’s all the more important now to also be able to show the other side of the spectrum - citizens and civil society - how that data is used and useful. Photography can be a medium for that: effectively capturing how data is everywhere, how it surrounds us, and how it impacts us.”
The “Data2Life. Life2Data.” project will be wrapped up, with the results publicly showcased through a traveling exhibit starting in Yogyakarta, Indonesia this September 2016. We will also show the photographs at the Goethehaus in Jakarta, Indonesia in the final quarter of this year.

Workshop - Photography Project:
July, 26-28, 2016
Venue: Arjuna Hotel, Jln. P. Mangkubumi No. 44, Yogyakarta

Basic Photography Training:
August, 10-11 & 25, 2016
Venue: Arjuna Hotel, Jln. P. Mangkubumi No. 44, Yogyakarta

Photo Exhibition:
September 26, - October 02, 2016
Venue: tbc